Center – 2012

Liubou Uladykouskaya about the main areas of activity of the Center in 2012.

I am pleased to note that in 2011 Intercultural Dialogue Center has managed to fully realize its plans, based on the statutory aims and tasks. For 2012, I define the following core areas of activity:

1. Optimize the organizational form of the Center in order to provide relevant conditions for professional activities using cutting edge world methods. Extend the circle of volunteers at the Center (the primary condition is knowledge of a national and international languages), first of all within youth, with attracting of international representatives.

2. Continue to realize a wide-ranging public initiative “Belarusian-American Cultural Dialogue: Strategy of Development” (a number of round tables, publications and presentations, analytical materials for Ministries and institutions, a contest, informational-educational visit to the USA and other).

3. Support activities of American club (Club of America amateurs) in Minsk.

4. Continue to realize a public-cultural initiative “Belarus in Europe”, including professional tours.

5. Establish a constructive Belarusian-Eurasian cultural dialogue based on loyalty to fundamental national values and respect to cultural traditions and civilization priorities of other nations.

6. Deepen a cooperation with Belarusian and foreign business community in the following areas: economic component of a holistic social cultural organism; national specifics of business; business-dialogue with the USA and Europe; culture of entrepreneurship, innovations and investment, business culture.

7. Promote the brand “Belarus” in the world, including methods of public (cultural) diplomacy. Encourage the participation of Belarusian representatives in international conferences, seminars, meetings and so on.

8. Participate actively in processes of nation creation, establish a constructive intercultural dialogue on regional and international levels. Develop Belarusian cultural traditions and Belarusian humanitarian science within the context of world processes and achievements. Organize a number of events on practical realization of the idea of intercultural dialogue in Belarus (research and practical seminars, meetings, popular scientific publications, art exhibitions and so on).

9. Extend cooperation forms with Belarusian and foreign research, cultural, educational and informational circles, organizations, initiatives, religious confessions, civil society.

10. Activate cooperation with Ministries and institutions of the Republic of Belarus, including participation in public-advisory councils.

11. Participate in program “Eastern Partnership”, other international programs. Deepen cooperation with diplomatic missions in the Republic of Belarus.

December 31, 2011.