Conference "Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue"

Delegation of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue took part in the International Conference "Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue: Christian Ethical Values as a Contribution to the Social Life of Europe". According to Liubou Uladykouskaya, "it's impossible to imagine social and cultural phenomenon of Belarus without a specific religious dialogue, which naturally inserts our country into the context of global multicultural coexistence that creates the ground for a peaceful solution to the contemporary global problems".

American Studies in Belarus and European Experience

 Liubou Uladykouskaya

 American Studies in Belarus and European Experience: Strategies of Development

“We the People of the United States” – begins the first Constitution in the world, the Constitution of the United States of America. “We the Belarusian people…” – we, Belarusians, should think, feel and act as the mankind has invented nothing better than patriotism. The idea of freedom and liberty for individuals and for the entire nation is the idea that should unite the nation (that’s exactly what my favorite American hero fought for: Abraham Lincoln’s life was guided by the motto that there should be neither owners, nor slaves.). And that’s a universal idea. To implement it, “God bless America!” and God bless Bealrus!


International round table “Belarusian-American Cultural Dialogue: Strategy of Development”

International round table “Belarusian-American Cultural Dialogue: Strategy of Development”, organized by Intercultural Dialogue Center with the support of the USA Embassy in the Republic of Belarus and with the participation of International Fund “Vitsebsk Golden Heritage” took place in Minsk on April, 13.

Charge d'Affaires ad interim of the USA to the Republic of Belarus Jonathan Benton, European diplomats, bishops and priests of Christian confessions, representatives of intellectual and art elite, as well as heads of business-associations and general directors of Belarusian-American companies took part in the event.

During the round table a solemn awarding ceremony was held. It was dedicated to the winners of a contest “American Culture: What Is It Like?” They were presented with the prizes from the Center and certificates from the Embassy of the USA.


Winners of the contest “American Culture: What Is It Like?”are chosen

Due to the Jury decision, the winners of the contest “American Culture: What Is It Like?” are the following participants:


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