Liubou Uladykouskaja, Ph.D.

Founder and General Director

phone: +375 29 6732621 (Belarus), +1 206 972 8853 (USA)

A Fulbright Scholar, Department for Cultural Anthropology, University of Florida, USA (2014-2015)
Professor, National Institute for Higher Education

Worked as a Head of the Laboratory for Intercultural Communication (State Institute of Management and Social Technologies, Belarusian State University), as a Chief of Department (Institute of Sociology, NAS of Belarus), as a Director of the Center for Multicultural Education (Belarusian State University), as a Deputy Director, Chief Administrative Unit for Science (Belarusian State University), as a Director of the F. Skaryna National Scientific and Educational Center, in the Ministry of Education of Belarus (supervised socio and humanitarian curricula at universities), as a Lecturer of the Belarusian and Educational Studies.

Got PhD in Belarusian Studies in 1993. Scientific interests: intercultural dialogue, the Belarusian culture, nation building, globalization, religion, the U.S.A.

The author of 320 publications including six books: “Spiritual Ideals In The Modern Belarusian Culture and Values of Globalizm” (2009), “How to Preserve Cultural Originality?” (2010), “Discovery of My America, Or Why Do The Belarusians Need The USA?” (2012), “Intercultural Dialogue: American Paradigm” (2014), etc.

Established the Laboratory for Intercultural Communication at the Belarusian State University (2013), NG Institution “Intercultural Dialogue” (2012), the Intercultural Dialogue Department at the Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2011), the Center for Intercultural Dialogue (2010), and also created the following associations:
– American Club in Minsk (2011);
– Culture Club at the Republican Association for Ecological Culture (2008);
– Discussion Club “Disputant”, scientific magazine “Higher Education” (2006);
– Photo Exhibition (in cooperation with the Embassy of Latvian Republic in Minsk, 2004);
– Art Gallery (in cooperation with the Embassy of France in Minsk, 2000);
– Department for Christianity and National Development, F. Skaryna National Scientific and Educational Center (2000);
– Belarusian – Polish Library (Minsk, 1997);
– Belarusian Club for Christian Intellectuals (1996);
– Commission for Terminology at the Ministry of Education (1995).

Organized about 200 international conferences, seminars, round tables and implemented dozens international projects on intercultural dialogue and Belarusian nation building.

Participated in joint civic and scientific projects in Poland, Great Britain, Germany, Luxembourg, France, the USA, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine.

Cooperates with various international scientific, educational and cultural organizations, leaders of different social groups, movements and initiatives, members and officials of various religions.
Worked as a journalist (including radio- and TV-performances).

Academic awards: Grants of the Nordic Council (in cooperation), UNESCO, Department of State (the USA), the Polish Institute in Minsk, Honorable Diploma of the Ministry of Education, Honorable Diploma of the Belarusian Writers, Diploma with distinction (the Belarusian State Linguistic University), Diploma with distinction (the Belarusian State University), Golden medal (secondary school).

Languages: Belarusian, English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian