May 30th in Minsk, the II International Scientific Conference “Intercultural Dialogue: Current Research and Global Practices” took place. The conference was organized by the Institution “Intercultural Dialogue” with the participation of the U.S. Embassy and the Polish Institute in Minsk , with the support of the State Institute of Management and Social Technologies.

The meeting was attended by the heads of departments of Belarusian universities (Minsk , Grodno, Polotsk and other regions), business and religious leaders, representatives of diplomatic missions of the United States, India, Switzerland , Turkey, Slovakia , Georgia and other countries , as well as the Polish Institute in Minsk.

During the conference, the presentation of Liubou Uladykouskaja’s book “Intercultural Dialogue: American Paradigm” caused a heated discussion. The book reveals modern approaches to intercultural dialogue, a lot of its concepts and practical implementation. The system of specific features of the American paradigm of intercultural dialogue in comparison with its European paradigm was presented as well. Among the participants there were former Ministers of Education and Science of Belarus prof. Vasil Strazhau and prof. Piotr Brygadzin, an Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Yaugen Babosau , prof. Anatoly Zeliankou , prof. Aliaxanr Smolik , prof. Georgi Butrym, prof. Lyudmila Rychkova, prof. Volga Paulouskaja, prof. Maryja Putrova , prof. Iryna Savelava, priest Uladyslau Zavalniuk, the head of a Belarusian business association Uladzimir Karyagin et al .

As noted by all participants of the conference, the book became an other important stage in the activitiy of the Institution ” Intercultural Dialogue” wich is aimed at the formation of intercultural dialogue as a separate direction of Belarusian humanities and social practices – in line with the acute actuality.

The Director of the Department of Cultural and National Heritage of Marshal’s Office of Podlaskie Province (Poland) Anatoly VAP presented a multicultural education program “Look at, a man!” and a known researcher Natalia Kananovich raised the issue of the preservation of tangible heritage of the Belarusian-Polish-Ukrainian borderland during the presentation of the exhibition of arts and crafts .