Strategy of the Institution "Intercultural Dialogue" for 2017

● to broaden the context of the intercultural dialogue;
● to foster comprehensive constructive dialogue with European and American nations;
● to strengthen Belarusian subjectiveness in the world.

● international interdisciplinary research on intercultural dialogue and presentation of the results (publications, conferences, forums, seminars, exhibitions);
● dissemination of the intercultural dialogue values through information  and educational activities.

Main areas of activities:
● preparing and printing a new book on the Belarusian national culture transformation;
● preparing research texts on intercultural dialogue in English and Belarusian;
● developing new courses syllabus on intercultural dialogue;
● conducting research on the American Studies development in Belarus;
● international project “Belarus – France: Development Of Cultural Traditions”;
● public lectures in regions and seminars on intercultural dialogue in Minsk;
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