Strategy of the Institution "Intercultural Dialogue" for 2019

● to broaden the context of the intercultural dialogue as a modern universal value with a commitment to equality and diversity.

Main Areas of Activities:
● interdisciplinary research on intercultural dialogue and presentation of the results (publications, conferences, forums, seminars, exhibitions, etc.);
● dissemination of the intercultural dialogue values through information and educational activities;
● preparing research texts on intercultural dialogue in English and Belarusian;
● developing new courses syllabus on intercultural dialogue; 
● conducting research «America through the eyes of Belarusians» (English, a final part);
● promotion the Belarusian-American dialogue development.
● American Studies development.

Main Research Spheres:
Belarusian, Post Soviet, and Eastern European Studies: Anthropology of Modern Belarus, Belarusian Security, Transformations in Culture and Identity, Collective Memory and Violence, Fifth Columns.
American Studies: USA as a Global Actor, USA – Eastern Europe, American Dream, American Multiculturalism, American Ethnic Studies, Pacific History, Social and Cultural Organization.
Anthropology: Anthropology of Development, Comparative Religion, Global Christianity, Intercultural Dialogue, Social and Cultural Transformation, Culture and Rights, the Culture Concepts, Identities, Global Futures, Anthropological Perspectives on Ethnicity, Political Anthropology and Social Change, Cultural Aspects of International Development, Cultural Diversity, Ethnic Politics and Nationalism in Multi-Ethnic Societies.
Global Dimension: Geopolitics, World Politics, European Union as a Global Actor, Nations and States in the Modern World, History of Ideas.
Philosophy: Contemporary Moral Problems, Ideals and Values.

Center – 2012

Liubou Uladykouskaya about the main areas of activity of the Center in 2012.

I am pleased to note that in 2011 Intercultural Dialogue Center has managed to fully realize its plans, based on the statutory aims and tasks. For 2012, I define the following core areas of activity:

1. Optimize the organizational form of the Center in order to provide relevant conditions for professional activities using cutting edge world methods. Extend the circle of volunteers at the Center (the primary condition is knowledge of a national and international languages), first of all within youth, with attracting of international representatives.


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