Liubou Uladykouskaja, 2017. Spiritual Life of Society And Globalization: How The Belarusian National Culture Is Transformed? Minsk:NIHE. 288 pp.

A new book by Liubou Uladykouskaja has been published in Minsk. The book is devoted to the diverse globalization processes and their influence to transformation of the contemporary Belarusian society (including religious aspects of social life) and development of the Belarusian national culture.


What is New in Intercultural Dialogue?

Researchers from Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, and Israel have discussed national and geopolitical aspects of intercultural dialogue during the Sixth International Congress of Belarusian Studies (Kouna, 07-09 October) and have reached the following conclusions:

1. Intercultural dialogue is an optimal alternative to multiculturalism and cultural assimilation.
2. Interreligious dialogue is a very important part of modern intercultural dialogue.
3. At the very beginning of the century Belarusian philosophers Mikola Krukouski and Uladzimir Konan foresaw modern European crisis and called for the preservation of own cultural values ​​and the development of the Belarusian national
and cultural traditions.
4. Intercultural dialogue plays an important role in nation building and democratization. It should be studied and developed more in Belarus.


Intercultural Dialogue: The Belarusian Accents

On July, 04 (4 pm – 7 pm, the Red Church in Minsk) a master class “Intercultural Dialogue: The Belarusian Accents” will be held by Liubou Uladykouskaja for the representatives of the International Summer School For The Belarusian Language And Culture from Japan, India, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Australia, the UK, Portugal, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, China, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and other countries.

A special program “To Touch The Shrine” will be offered to the participants of the master class.
We invite you to participate!

Meeting in the Embassy of France

Liubou Uladykouskaja and Anatol Astapenka have met with the representatives of the Embassy of France in Belarus on June, 27. They discussed spreading the knowledge about persons of common heritage, who has been born in Belarus and became famous in France, such as Tadeusz Kosciuszko, Guillaume Apollinaire, Alexander Khodzka (Bareyka), Leanard Khodzka, Napaleon Orda, Narkevich- Iodka, Georges Lakhovsky, and others.

VI International Congress of Belarusian Studies

We invite you to take part in Intercultural Dialogue Section at the 6th International Congress of Belarusian Studies that will be held on October 7-9 2016 in Kaunas (Lithuania). Topics for discussion:
Will intercultural dialogue become an alternative model of assimilation and multiculturalism?
Can it contribute to overcoming of the European crisis (euro zone crisis, terrorist attacks, problem of refugees, war in Ukraine)?
How does it correlate with a conflict of values, adaptation and integration, concept of solidarity laid down in the Lisbon Treaty of the European Union?
Does it comply with the modern ideology of nationalism of the European and post-colonial nations?
Does it build national and European identity and what role does it play in the modern Belarusian nation-building?

Please send a title and 1-2 page summary of a 15-20 minute talk via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to the organizer of this session, Liubou Uladykouskaja.

Deadline: July 15, 2016

Visit to Barcelona

Issues of modern nationalism, and collaboration in intercultural dialogue were discussed by representatives of the institution “Intercultural Dialogue” and Catalonians partners in Barcelona, April 25-30 2016.

Photos: Landscapes and Architecture in Barcelona.

Reception of the India Embassy in Minsk on the occasion of the 67th Republic Day of India

General Director of the Institution “Intercultural Dialogue” Liubou Uladykouskaja took part in the Reception of the India Embassy in Minsk on the occasion of the 67th Republic Day of India (February, 1).
A visit of Honorable President of India His Excellency Mr. Pranab Mukherjee to Belarus in June, 3-4 gave a new impulse for the Belarusian-Indian relations development including sociocultural sphere.

The meeting with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia Mrs. Bridget Brink

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia Bridget Brink met with Belarusian education, science, culture, and sport representatives in the US Embassy in Minsk in November, 04. The Chargé D’affaires Ad Interim Mr. Scott M. Rauland and the representatives of the US Embassy in Minsk took part in the meeting.


Intercultural Dialogue At The Fifth International Congress Of Belarusian Studies

A special panel on intercultural dialogue was organized at the Fifth International Congress of Belarusian Studies. The Congress took place in Kaunas (Lithuania) on the 02-04th October, 2015 and united representatives from 18 countries.


"Do you know America?" – Liubou Uladykouskaja

I am very delighted with my work at the University of Florida. Anthropology is high developed here and I've made a wide professional network. I've gotten a lot of new knowledge in practice and theory on intercultural dialogue.

My presentation "Intercultural Dialogue And Belarus: Crisis Or Chance?" at the University of Florida caused a great and a very active discussion. There were many people who came to look at "the alive Belarusian" for the first time in their life and were surprised with absolutely new information about unknown country. Some of them said that my point of view about America looked like "Official American Propaganda" but I know nothing about official American propaganda! Probably, patriotism needs to be grown and supported by the state. But in any case this "propaganda" is rather directed towards patriotism of American citizens, and not against other countries. I just sincerely love America, I believe in America, and I am sure that this country is not only very free, but the most progressive and moral. I made sure in this thanks to my personal life experience.


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